EOS Alice in Wonderland Lip balm

After visiting many Rexall locations in the downtown area of Toronto for weeks and tweeting and face booking EOS I was finally able to get my hands on the EOS Alice in Wonderland lip balm set!! The journey to getting my hands on one was pretty crazy. I visited around 5-6 different rexalls in a little as 3 days and no luck all the sales people look at me like I was crazy. They did not have a clue what I was looking for. Many of them had told me is part of their Christmas inventory where EOS had tweeted me that rexall had already received shipment. After all the crazy weeks of looking for it and sending my sister on a hunt for them in NYC during her weekend there. I happen to find it that same weekend she was in NYC. Which was a good thing since she check everywhere and was unable to find it.

Anyways the packing is so pretty and I love the Mickey Mouse grips on the lip balm. So very cute and am so happy I got the set!!

You can find this set at Rexall,Giant Tiger, EOS website for people who are looking for them in Toronto. I purchase minds for $9.99 at Rexall before taxes.

♥ Wendy

"In that very moment, I found the one and my life had found its missing piece.  So as long as I live I'll love you. " Beautiful in White- Shane Filan


  1. i wonder what flavours they are! :) cute collection!




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