H&M Conscious Collection.

Here are some items I had recently purchased from the H&M conscious collection. I love the bf blazer that I purchase one of each colour in white and peach. Since I had been looking for a white blazer for a while and I love the peachy colour. So I pick up both of them. Who else is like me out there?? Buying multiple items of the same piece in a different colour or the same colour?? I do this pretty often with shoes, pants, make up shirts and the list goes on. Did any of u purchase from this line? If so leave me a comment would love to see. I was able to use the 20% off coupon for both blazers which is a plus. Sorry the coupon expired yesterday. Also if u follow me on instagram (kimwen28)you has already seen the dressing room pic. Sorry the rest of the items are just stock pics didn't take pics of them while in dressing room. I am liking the peachy colour this spring.

<3 Wendy


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