Winter home essentials

Toronto winter this year has been extremely cold, there had been 15 extreme cold warnings issue to date.  They are expecting winter to last till maybe early April :( please warm weather please come sooner than that!! With the heat being on more often due to the cold the air around our condo feels extremely dry.  We had a tiny humidifier that done us well the past couple of years.  After visiting Muji Toronto and smelling their Pure Essential Oil in Yuzu, I wanted one for our bedroom. Since Muji was extremely popular after their grand opening in November 2014 the aroma diffuser was always sold out when I'm around the area.  I did manage to score myself a acrylic case to store make up and some pens.

Muji 5 Drawer Acrylic Case $27.95 CAD
Muji Pens and highlighters are $1.50-$2.00 CAD

Later on, I did some research and found the Saje Nebulizer which is more than just a diffuser.  It is a air purifier, humidifier and diffuser all in one!  I originally wanted to get the Saje Aroma Gem but when I got to the store it look a little tacky compare to how great it look in the online photos.

I ended up getting the Saje Natural Wellness Aroma Cloud Nebulizer $59.95 CAD since it was sleek and has a rotating colour band of light.  It is extremely quiet when on and the light can be turn off for sleeping time.  The part I love most about this nebulizer is that it automatically shuts off when the water is gone! This can be purchase at or at a Saje Natural Wellness store across Canada. 

 Germguardian Pluggable UV-C Air Sanitizer $40-$50CAD
Can be purchased at Walmart, Best Buy, Amazon, etc.

Before we purchase our Nebulizer we purchase a air purifier recommended by my brother.  He raved about the one he purchase which made us we ahead and purchase one for ourselves.  The air purifier really did help this winter since the husband and I did not come down with the flu or a cold that stop us from our day to day lives.  I do still get sore throats and a small cold once but nothing crazy that would keep me down.  The air purifier we purchased was the Germguardian Pluggable UV-C Air Sanitizer from Amazon.  It cleans the air with a UV light so no filter changing is required.  The UV light is replaceable.  When the device is plug in it doesn't block the outlet below it which is a plus.

These two devices are my most favourite home essentials for this winter season.  I always loved the idea of scented candles but never purchased them since I fear burning down the house.  So, having a the nebulizer gives me the scent I want from scented candles and the other benefits as well!

♥ Wendy


  1. Great list Wendy! I have yet to check out the Muji store in Toronto. I still can't believe I haven't gone but I haven't had a chance to. That air purifier seems so interesting. It's nice because it's small and since it plugs in, it doesn't take up any floor space. I might look into that some day.




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