Hunter Original Gloss Rain Boots

This winter in Toronto has been extremely cold and lots of snow.  Since we had so much snow this year most of my winter boots seems to had given up on me -- no longer waterproof.  They weren't  stated to be waterproof to begin with but leather boots tend to do pretty well in rain and snow when is moderate I guess.  I do own a pair of Sorels but they are not the most comfortable pair of snow boots to me.  Which I purchase a few winters back from recommendation of friends who were raving about how great they are.  I think I just have a love hate relationship with mine.  Since I wanted something that is waterproof and more sleek compare to my old rain boots Tretorn Skerry Vinter and is not another pair of winter boots I order a pair of Hunters and fleece welly socks.

Hunter Kids Original Gloss Rain Boots size 4 in Black ($90 cdn) and Fleece Welly socks Navy in size Medium.  ($25 cdn)

The reason why I went with the kids instead of the woman's pair is because I'm petite so the woman's pair hits too high above the back of my knees which makes it very uncomfortable to walk in.  Where as the kids pair is perfect length.  The kids original gloss down side is that it does have reflected patches (not shown in pics above and below) at the back of the rain boot where are the woman's pair doesn't.  It isn't too bad since if the weather is super bad at least cars are able to see you.  Hunters sizing is available in full sizes and no half sizes.  The kids size 4 does feel a bit loose without the fleece socks.  This rain boot does come in many colours and also in a non gloss finish as well.  If this style isn't for you Hunter does have other styles to choose from even more fashion friendly with a wedge.

Hunter Kids Original Gloss rain boot with navy fleece socks

The fleece welly socks do cover the very top reflective patch so only the one near the heel is shown. My hunt for fleece socks was pretty much next to no luck in stores.  Many stores are sold out of my size and the black colour which I wanted.  The SA did suggest to try the women pair which turn out to be too big and long.  I end up ordering it from the Hunter website which ship within the week and free shipping as well.  Unfortunately black was oos in my size as well.  Since Hunter boots are made of natural rubber, over time you will see a white powdery film on the boots known as blooming.  Hunter does make products to get rid of the blooming by using either their boot shine or boot buffer. 

♥ Wendy

"Snowmen are the closest thing to a perfect man- they're cute, they're well-rounded, and they know what to do with a broom!"  - Unknown


  1. I still don't have proper winter boots to this day. I have my eyes peeled for a pair but I've never come across something I like. The Hunter boots are beautiful. And I can totally relate to the whole petiteness.




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