My first time camping - Kearney Lake

I went camping for the first time the past weekend in Algonquin Park, Kearney Lake.  It was a fun experience.  Thank god we didn't see any bears since the people at our camp ground said they saw a bear the pervious day.  Also my first panaroma pics....wish I did this on my past trips to Seattle, Vancouver and Vegas!! Enjoy the pics... click to enlarge!!

July 10, 2011 Sunrise around 5:15am

July 10, 2011 Sunrise around 5:30am this one was taken by Donna

I'll try my best to get back into blogging mode again...just been super busy lately.  Don't you just wish a day has more than 24hrs sometimes?? that is how I felt the past couple of weeks.  Stay cool to those of you in Toronto!! Is super hot here :(

♥ Wendy

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  1. That is just super gorgeous. Just looking at those pics makes me feel so calm. It's just so peaceful and serene. Ah I can't stop looking at them haha!




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